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“I don’t remember what it was like without Debitan anymore.”

Euro Service B.V.
Adriaan Bom, Commercial Director

“We didn’t have a concrete strategy for accounts receivable. After sending the invoice, there was hardly any follow-up. The people in the finance department are good at their job, but they don’t always enjoy making follow-up calls to customers and arranging payment agreements. It was difficult. We didn’t want an expensive accounts receivable management system, but we did want something to change.”

Customer from day one

“We got in touch with Debitan through one of our dealers. We’ve been a customer from day one, about 11 years ago. Before that, 70% of our customers were end-users. We provide service for commercial kitchen equipment, and at that time, it was directly with the end-user. Now we work with chains and provide factory support for major brands. As a result, we now invoice these large organizations. It’s a different way of managing accounts receivable, but it doesn’t mean you can let it go. It’s especially important to be vigilant about payment terms within large organizations.”

Letting go of accounts receivable management

“Debitan supports all aspects of accounts receivable management. We can truly let it go. Even when the customer is not satisfied, our accounts receivable manager engages in a conversation and together we find a solution. But it’s unquestionable that payment will be made. If necessary, payment agreements are made. They act decisively but always listen to us. That’s very pleasant. There’s no hassle, the software works well, and the level of automation is good. The customer can easily and quickly make payments through payment links, and everything can be integrated. Moreover, it feels like our customer is in contact with us, which is very important to us.”

A great partnership

“We’ve been a customer for so long now that I don’t even remember what it was like without Debitan. Serge’s service goes beyond expectations. When we had to say goodbye to our accountant after 16 years, they provided temporary support for us with accounting-related matters. That way, we could search for a new colleague in the meantime. We are there for each other in good and bad times. It’s simply a great partnership.”