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Debt management for online shops

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As an online shop owner, you always want to keep moving, which is why debt management for package delivery is so important. When you send out your invoices, you want them to be paid as quickly as possible. After all, you don’t have time to chase after payments for weeks, but you do want satisfied customers who pay promptly. With Debitan, you can automate and streamline your debt management, giving your cash flow a boost and ensuring easier communication with more satisfied customers. Our software and services for debt management for package delivery keep you on the road.

Automating debt management for online shops

How do you handle the follow-up of your invoices? Do you send them and check after some time if any have been paid? Or do you stay on top of it and get frustrated with increasing DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)? Take matters into your own hands and automate the debt management for online shops. With Debitan, you can set up customized workflows that come into action automatically after sending the invoice. Payment reminders and collection notices are automatically sent via email, WhatsApp, or SMS, and you receive a reminder when you need to make a follow-up call to your customer. This way, you don’t forget about your own invoices, and your customer doesn’t have a chance to forget about you.

Outsourcing your debt management (temporarily)

If you don’t have time (or desire) for debt management or if you’re too busy with new orders, you can also outsource your debt management temporarily or permanently to our debt management specialists. Each one is a dedicated professional who will gladly maintain contact with your customer to ensure that your invoices are paid as quickly as possible. The relationship between you and your customer is our priority, and we do everything to uphold it. Satisfied customers pay faster, and we want your customer to remain your customer for as long as possible! While our debt management specialists take care of your debt management for online shops, you have full visibility of the status through Debitan’s software. After all, it’s still your business!

Smart modules for debt management for online shops

Our software is already comprehensive, but to meet specific industries and requirements, we have developed smart modules. You can add these modules to the debt management software to make it as easy as possible for you and your customer. For example, the subscription module is designed for recurring invoices (and payments) and allows you to schedule batch collections. You can also easily manage your inventory and orders, and we offer a wide range of payment options, making it incredibly convenient for your customer to pay. Debt management for online shops becomes enjoyable!

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We are a down-to-earth company with West Frisian roots and a similar mentality. Our software is developed with the idea that good accounts receivable management makes the step towards collections unnecessary. Good communication, clear agreements, and above all, overview prevent many problems. We have been making progress with Debitan for many years!

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