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Debt management for car rental companies

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Debt management for car rental companies is not a luxury. In the automotive industry, invoices often remain unpaid for up to 6 weeks. However, your operational costs, such as maintenance, real estate, and personnel, continue to accumulate during that time. With Debitan, you can automate and streamline your debt management for car rental companies, gaining better control over your cash flow and your customers. Effective debt management functions as after-sales service, allowing you to maintain low-threshold contact, which creates opportunities for the future.

Automating debt management for car rental companies

By automating your debt management, you’ll have much less to worry about. In Debitan, you can set up customized workflows that determine when payment reminders and collection notices should be sent after invoicing, as well as when it’s time to make follow-up calls. From experience, we know that making phone calls often yields the best results in getting invoices paid. Your debt management process will run much smoother when it no longer relies on someone remembering to take action. When your customers automatically receive reminders at regular intervals, the likelihood of them forgetting your invoice decreases.

Outsourcing debt management

If the workload becomes overwhelming and you’re losing sight of the road due to the sheer number of cars, you can choose to outsource your debt management. Our specialists frequently take over debt management for car rental companies, either temporarily or on a permanent basis. They monitor workflows and payments while you can focus on serving your next customers. If any issues arise or if we require your input on certain matters, we’ll collaborate and find solutions together. It remains a teamwork approach, but you’ll have the freedom to focus on other aspects while we handle the debt management for your car rental business.

Smart modules for debt management for car rental companies

We have enhanced our software with convenient modules that make debt management for car rental companies even easier. You can digitally have your customers sign their rental contracts, generate invoices directly from Debitan, and offer a wide range of payment options to your customers, making it even easier for them to make payments. Debt management for car rental companies becomes a breeze!

Debt management for car rental companies

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