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Debitan likes to go the extra mile for me and my customers

Sjoerd Heijmans
Founder IBEO

“Our company kept growing, but accounts receivable became increasingly unmanageable. We primarily operate with automatic direct debits, but when those get returned, we still have to follow up on them. In the beginning, there were only a few cases, so it was manageable. However, as we grew, debt management started to become more difficult. No one had the time to make follow-up calls for outstanding invoices, and honestly, it’s not anyone’s favorite task. A friend had previously mentioned Debitan to me. At that time, we didn’t need to outsource our debt management, but things had changed.

Personal and Positive
What I really appreciate about working with Debitan is the personal touch. The workflow is largely automated, but the management is handled in a very personal manner. Our customers are treated by real people in a friendly way. This improves our relationship with our customers. There’s no conflict, and the invoices are paid promptly. And if immediate payment isn’t possible, arrangements are made. At least there’s progress without negative feelings on either side.

Going the Extra Mile
In a relatively short time, we’ve managed to significantly reduce our outstanding debts. That’s obviously great. Additionally, I’ve noticed that the Debitan team goes the extra mile to serve the customer. I have regular discussions with my dedicated contact person, and I can tell that she’s willing to go above and beyond for me and my customers. That pleasantly surprised me.”