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Debitan keeps me accountable for my accounts receivable

Florian Fröberg – Cucina

“I didn’t allocate enough time for accounts receivable management. Especially when one of my colleagues in the field sales team left, and I had to visit customers myself more often. I completely lost sight of the outstanding invoices. I would come across invoices that were overdue but didn’t get around to checking the bank. And I wanted to avoid reminding them when they had already paid. So, it kept getting postponed. And at some point, it takes so long that it becomes even harder to get those outstanding invoices paid.”

Piled up together

“In addition, we also had to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. All my customers are in the hospitality sector. And they haven’t had an easy time in the past two years. In case of bankruptcy, the one who shouts the loudest gets paid first. Otherwise, you end up in a pile with others. So, here too, the earlier the invoices and reminders are sent, the greater the chance of getting paid.”

Advice from a customer

“I came across Debitan through Arie-Jaap van Gent from Van Gent Autoverhuur. We are both part of the entrepreneurs’ association, we’re about the same age, and we have a good connection. We discussed the challenges we faced in our businesses. When I mentioned my accounts receivable problem, he told me about his experiences with Debitan. That’s how I got in touch with Serge, and things started moving very quickly.”

Clear, fast, and accurate

“I find Debitan’s approach very clear and fast. The communication with Nathalie is very pleasant. She is on top of things and helps me stay accurate. That way, my own accounts receivable management always remains at the top of my priority list. I’m also very satisfied with the way they communicate with my customers, sending reminders on time, and making payment agreements.”

Old invoices paid after all

“What surprised me is that Debitan was able to establish contact with customers that I had actually written off a long time ago. Some of the invoices were overdue for a year, and I didn’t expect them to be paid anymore. And if invoices are not paid, I don’t invest much time and energy in those customers. If I deliver on time, I expect to be paid on time and not have to beg for my money. But it’s great that those payments are now coming in, and I can reconnect with those customers. It opens up new opportunities for the future.”