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Create invoices, forward files and done

Jeroen Veenis
Lawyer Breedijk Veenis Advocaten

‘We had several reasons for outsourcing accounts receivable management. First of all, we wanted to unburden and relieve the secretariat. One of the secretaries was responsible for debt management, but she actually didn’t have enough time for it. As a result, it often got neglected. We wanted to restore regularity. The strength of debt management lies in consistency and repetition. Additionally, the professionalism of the system was an important factor. We used to handle debt management manually, where each reminder had to be worked out and sent individually. That takes a lot of time. We could hire someone extra to take on this work, but outsourcing to Debitan is more cost-effective, especially considering the software they use.

I knew Serge from the Hoorn area. I once asked him about the ins and outs of Debitan. He came over, and we quickly became convinced. Debitan works incredibly smoothly. For us, it’s literally a matter of creating invoices, emailing files, and done. I’m very satisfied. The systematic approach, the feedback we receive after conversations with our clients, the information provided by the debt management team – it’s all top-notch, and the system is very user-friendly. I’m genuinely surprised by the level of automation and how polished everything looks, combined with the price. Managing your debtors systematically on your own would take half to a full day per week. Now, we don’t have to worry about it at all.”