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‘An extension of our business’

Boom & Meijer Vastgoed is originally a rental agency. They have since expanded their services to include property management. They take care of rent payments and handle tenant notifications and complaints. Additionally, they also assist their clients in purchasing investment properties.

Donny Verboom: “We used to manage accounts receivable with an Excel spreadsheet. It worked fine when we had dozens of tenants who had to pay their rent monthly. But now we have hundreds of tenants, and we also handle financial management for our clients. The Excel spreadsheet became overwhelming, and maintaining it took a lot of time and energy. That’s why we started looking for a company or application that could handle our accounts receivable management and allow for external monitoring. Through Google, I found Serge from Debitan.”

Attention to our needs

“From the very beginning, the communication was very personal. Rent payments could be deposited into a third-party account, which is very convenient. But what really made the difference was that our needs were listened to. Serge genuinely thought along with us. The application was customized to fit exactly what we needed. What I appreciate is that you keep an overview amidst the busyness and chaos we face daily. You see through it, stay on track, and understand our needs as well as those of our clients. There is always room for evaluation along the way. We highly value this proactive approach.”

An extension of our business

“I am surprised by the level of collaboration we have. With an open mind and broad perspective, you think along with us in the growth and development of our company. It works very smoothly. Another pleasant aspect is that whenever I call, I always speak with the same contact person. Someone who is familiar with our company. I’m not just a number; on the contrary. Debitan feels like an extension of our business.”