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Truly hands-off.

Jelle Pols
Controller at OSRE & Real Mark

“We work for multiple companies, primarily scale-ups, who are busy with their own activities but not always with our invoices. Additionally, we have minimal administrative staff, which often leaves us with no time for debt management. With two companies and monthly invoices, streamlined and efficient management is important. We wanted to outsource our debt management to relieve ourselves of this responsibility. I came across Debitan through Google, and coincidentally, they are also based in Hoorn, like me. The system aligns with our company: everything operates in the cloud, largely automated, and provides clear feedback to us as users.

Positive and personal
What I appreciate about Debitan’s approach, in addition to automating much of the work and providing insights and overview through a practical action list, is the personal touch. We, and especially our clients, are treated kindly and approached in a positive manner. We also value the customization in their approach. For instance, our clients receive a phone call 5 days after the invoice is sent to ensure it has been received and to inquire if everything is satisfactory. This is an important initial step to draw attention to the invoices. We have noticed that the team truly listens to customers and takes prompt action when necessary and possible.

Sense of commitment
What has surprised me is that when we handed over our debt management, it was truly taken off our hands. We no longer have to chase after it ourselves. I am also very pleased with the personal approach. I have regular phone appointments with Belinda, and we frequently receive visits from Serge to assess whether everything is going well. There is a sense of commitment from all sides.”