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“The system works!”

One of the most important stops in the customer journey is the experience with the product or service itself. This experience is the basis for all subsequent steps. Finally, if it doesn’t work, you have to take steps to keep your customer happy. It’s really not the case that everything always goes smoothly. All people work at Debitan and the technology sometimes does not fully cooperate. The most important thing is how you deal with this yourself. Nevertheless, it is very nice if the customer is happy with the system and with how you work!

Laura recently worked for our client S. S’s client base consists of numerous companies, mainly in the retail sector in the Netherlands. In recent months there has of course been quite a bit of unrest due to the Coronavirus, but Laura remains sharp on what she sees. From Debitan she receives the message ‘action date passed’, in the name of a debtor of S. This means that the invoice in question is already old and does not automatically follow the process, the workflow. If you still want to work with that, to still remember or more, you can start it manually. Laura knows the relevant debtor well and knows that this is a well-paying customer of S. She suspects that something has gone wrong somewhere.

Pay attention avoids confusion

She does not send an e-mail to the customer yet, but e-mails her contact person at S that an old invoice was suddenly open and that she has the idea that this is not correct. This way they can check with S whether that invoice has indeed already been paid. Laura then receives a message from her contact person: Great! System works! In other words: everything is going well, payment has been received, thanks for paying attention. For example, the customer did not receive an incorrect payment reminder and Laura prevented confusion. Everyone happy!