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The system works for me

Connie Snep
Administrative Assistant
Cards PLM Solutions

‘We used to have our own system in Excel. We also had a list with the contact details of debtors. Very cumbersome, but also prone to errors. When a bug that had crept into our system escalated into an issue with a customer, it was time for a real solution. No more manual lists.

Clear and practical
We always handed over receivables overdue at Collactive BMK. They advised us to use Debitan. And that went very well. It works very clearly. You can link all kinds of information to the customer within the system, such as attachments from e-mails. From there you can also take all actions. We can approach customers from the system via email or other communication channels. We can adjust the workflows ourselves and with the practical action list I can get started right away.

More time, less frustration
I am surprised by how easy it is with Debitan. If I properly process all action points, it saves me a lot of time and frustration. I no longer have to work with a system, as before, but the system works for me!’