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Receiving payments faster

  • Your invoices paid 30% faster through automation
  • Have invoices followed up automatically
  • Letting customers pay with various payment methods
  • Send payment links by SMS or WhatsApp
  • Convenient links to bank, PSP and accounting package
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Convenient payment links

With Debitan, you make paying very accessible. This is convenient because the easier it is to pay; the faster your invoice is paid. With payment links from iDeal, your customer can pay your invoices in one click. Simply send these via e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp, so you can easily reach your customer in a way that suits them. This increases your chances of prompt payment.

Pair with your PSP and bank

In Debitan, you can easily link your accounts receivable with your bank, your accounting and your Payment Service Provider (PSP), such as Mollie, OneLinQ or Adyen. This makes it easy to receive and process payments quickly. In many cases, this is largely automatic.

All kinds of payment options

There are countless ways we can pay our bills these days. The days when we had to fill out acceptance forms are far behind us. In Debitan, you can let your customers pay via iDeal, PayPal, Creditcard, bank transfer or via, for example, Bancontact in Belgium or Sofort. A regular transfer from one bank to another is also possible. Easy payment is much faster.

Payment made easy

Without barriers, everything runs easier. The same applies to debtor management. That’s why we’ve made paying very easy for you and your customers. The many options, smart applications and handy links ensure that your customers pay faster and that you receive your money sooner. This is how we work together to ensure a healthy cash flow for your business.

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