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Debtor management abroad

Debtor management doesn’t stop at the Dutch or any other border. That’s because entrepreneurship doesn’t stop there either. That’s why we are increasingly active in multiple counties in Europe. And that’s why we work together with parties and functions that make it possible to operate internationally, like Peppol for international payment transactions. We call it cross-border debtor management. This makes it possible to do business without boundaries. Something we all love! 

debiteurenbeheer uitbestedenCross-border debtor management simply means that we look beyond our customers in the Netherlands. At the office we regularly speak German, French and English, but we also manage to communicate with customers in other European countries. We are fine with everything, because smiling is the same in every language! Our own international ambitions were one of the main reasons for the rebranding we did last year, which also included our website to be in multiple languages. We like to look further and to delve into customers from all over the world. It keeps us growing.

Attention for every customer
We cross borders for customers who completely outsource their debtor or accounts receivable management to us. We always stay polite. We delve into the customer and the reason why he hasn’t paid yet. Together we look for a solution, in a language we both understand. And in all those languages ​​we choose the same approach in which we want satisfied customers to pay faster. Because we know satisfied customers wíll pay faster. That’s why we work on satisfied customers for our customers.

Peppol for international invoicing and payments
Thanks to digital banking, international payments have not been so complicated for a long time. However, secure payment transactions are not guaranteed everywhere. That’s why Peppol was invented. With this system you can send, receive and process electronic invoices and orders internationally. The system allows governments, companies and other organizations to exchange electronic messages quickly, easily and securely. The quality and reliability of the system are strictly monitored, so you can rely on secure payment transactions. Peppol is integrated into Debitan, so you can easily and securely send invoices from our system to the world.