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Always a few steps ahead

At Debitan we are happy to assist you. This way we can see if you are on the right path. We can warn you if there is a branch in the road that you could trip over. And we already know when there are potholes that it is better to walk around. Oh and we’ve always discovered the fastest route, which in turn saves you time. For example, I recently saw Serge and Belinda lead the way together with our customer F..

Belinda had heard that they would switch to Accountview at F. for their accounting. We have direct integrations with this software, so she saw opportunities there to ease the transition. She shared it with Serge and he contacted contact N. He shared what he had heard and asked N. whether they would start using E-Accounting at F. Accountview Online or Visma. We can support them with the switch, because we have all debtors and invoices. New features in our software had also gone live that might be of interest to F.

Push through for a smooth transition

After a telephone conversation with N., Serge created a new account, so that they could immediately test the connection with Accountview at F.. N. could easily switch accounts via their own login environment. With a short explanation, N. was able to easily set up and test this account. N. started working on it the same evening. He was very happy that this was possible. We were especially happy that we could make the transition smoother for our customer. In the end, we all benefit from that.